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C hili Pepper Cafe in Terlingua/Study Butte serves up some delightful experiences.  I had the BEST chalupas I've ever had at the Chili Pepper Cafe.  The base is, of course, a crispy, fried, corn tortilla.  On that is spread creamy, delicious guacamole.  Next is a mound of ground meat.  It is seasoned to perfection, spicy without being tongue burning hot.  The next layer is fresh, shredded lettuce.  Then the chopped tomatoes and cheese are piled on.

I went to Chili Pepper two nights in a row, and had the chalupas both time, just to make sure the first experiences with these bits of culinary happiness was not an aberration.  My husband had the empanadas the first night and the Chile Rojo the second night.  He pronounced them "very good."

The empanadas were good, crispy with out being too hard.  I know this because after all my gushing over the sublimeness of my chalupas, he traded me an empanada for a chalupa.

The next night I wasn't about to trade away one of these scrumptious creations for some of his Chile.  I warned him before we arrived I wouldn't share.

The breakfasts at Chili Pepper Cafe are good as well.  The bacon was crispy, the pancakes hot.  The migas looked wonderful, but I was in the mood for pancakes.

You can find the Chili Pepper Cafe just barely South of the intersection of Texas Highway 118 and Highway 270. It's behind the bank and post office in Terlingua.

Holly Berry

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100 South Hwy 118
PO Box 262
Terlingua TX 79852.
Contact: Irma " Lupe " Baeza
Tel: 432-371-2233

Chili Pepper Cafe Owners have been dishing out border favorites for many years.  Specializing in Tex-Mex and Northern Chihuahuan fare.  Located just north of Terlingua, TX  Post Office on TX 118. 
Winter Hours  8:00am - 8:30pm
Summer Hours 11:00am-8:30 pm  Closed Wednesdays